When we say we’re going to get under the hood of your operation and run your communications office, we mean it. CampSight will learn your business and use all of our talents to give you the megaphone you deserve. As needed, we’ll become your social media director, your primary speechwriter, your interview prep team, your digital content creators and your media outreach division. We’ll get you into the news and into the digital zeitgeist in a way that will put you leagues above your competition.

What We Do

If we had to boil it all down to a word or two, we’re storytellers. Forget the tactics. Forget the strategy. If you don’t have a story, you aren’t going anywhere and our ninja strength is ferreting out the most compelling stories, breaking them down to their essence and building them back up into bite-sized narratives designed to for distinct media platforms, from TV News to papers to social media. Here are a few ways we help organizations find and tell their very best stories:

Storyteller Training

We’ll come in and make sure your key communicators are on-point, talking in a unified voice and delivering messages that will move the needle of public opinion or public policy. If they’re talking about your cause out in public, it’s worth paying attention to what stories they’re telling. We’ll listen to what they’re saying and how they’re saying it, then help them get better at both – the message and the messaging.

Social Media

We know what spaces people are playing in right now and how to develop effective social media strategies based on that. We know what drives social media moments (when and why things go viral), how to maximize key messaging tools like Facebook Live, and how to use social media to get stories into the mainstream media. You need content, you need creative juices, and you need social media savvy. We’ve got you covered all the way around.

Interview Prep & Public Speaking

We’ll get your key storytellers ready for those big moments; the critical interview, that important speech, the presentation to a roomful of funders or a hall full of stomping supporters. We’ll write the speeches and make sure you’re prepared to give them. We’ll put you on camera for on topic dry-runs of upcoming interviews with an Emmy-winning investigative reporter pelting questions designed to rattle; then we’ll play it back real-time and talk through what worked, what didn’t and how to make it even better when it counts.


Earned Media Strategy & Analysis

Most people (and perhaps young candidates) don’t know what earned media is. We can help with everything from a starter kit to offering advanced strategies on larger buys. CampSight offers earned media analytics that help clients know if they’re spending their earned media money smartly.

Crisis Management

You can’t talk your way out of bad decisions but at some point, you’ll have to talk about them; and good judgement about what to say (and what not to say), when to say it, and how to say it is critical. CampSight founders Jon Camp and Matt Duffy have the chops and the track record to guide you through the landmines, mute the media attention, and make it a thing of the past. Honest, experienced advice and straight talk to help you get control back quickly. 


Ghost Writing

Our Emmy-winning team of writers can deliver fast, informed and engaging blogs, posts, op-eds, letters-to-the-editor, etc. We can find the right words to help you be your own very best advocate.

Media Contacts

Want to find key reporters in your market? Want to blast a press release to news outlets statewide? Want to target papers? Maybe TV news assignment desks. Emails, phone numbers, social media handles; we have it all, all up to date, all sortable.



Homepage “explainer” videos have become a must for many companies looking to showcase their good work and separate themselves from their competition. Well-composed video and story-arcs forge an emotional connection, making people feel like they know you so they’re comfortable putting their future in your hands.
An effective profile video must include candid insights into what makes you unique – from both a personal and professional point of view. They should be creative, compelling and fairly short. Take a look at these different styles of “explainer” videos and see what style might work best for your operation!

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