Storytelling Firm

Reshaping the political, business and nonprofit sectors around the Tar Heel State.

What we do

Our company will work with your organization to tell your unique narrative to your target audience using media training and planning along with focused social media campaigns.  It is your exceptional and distinctive story; let us help you tell it effectively!


We’ll become your communications lead. We’ll get under the hood of your operation, get to know it like you do and help you find and refine your story. Then we’ll take it wide. We’ll run your social media platforms, create content for your website, help you talk to and through the media, and become the megaphone to get your message out to the masses. Wherever you want to go, we’ll get you there.


The news is a fundamentally different animal than it was just a few years ago. We’re fresh out of the business with our fingers on the pulse and we’re on a mission to help others understand what the heck is going on in social and traditional media right now. Come to one of our training seminars or bring us in for a learning experience tailored to your group’s needs.


Often, a great story starts with an essential truth. CampSight can help you uncover fundamental facts that can make (or break) campaigns, candidates and causes. Learn about your competition and find out what they know about you; never miss a legislative beat; know when your group or issues show up in the news. Let us keep you in the know.

Put our experience to work.

Forget tactics. Forget strategy. If you don’t have a story, you’re not going anywhere. CampSight Strategies was started by two longtime storytellers — an Emmy-winning journalist and a political campaign strategist. One spent nearly 20 years unravelling spin and telling stories that painted life’s truths in compelling colors; the other crafted narratives designed to either flatter or flatten. Now, Jon Camp and Matt Duffy are using their craft to create opportunities for others. Their mission: help like-minded companies, causes, and candidates find their very best stories and get them heard by as many people as possible.

Why Campsight

CampSight Strategies helps nonprofits, causes and companies see, think and speak clearly. We are a team of reporters and researchers that helps clients amplify existing messaging and solve problems using new messaging. We leverage deep relationships in the media as well as the power of video, social media and storytelling, to get the right stories in front of the right people at the right time to change outcomes. Our services range from high visibility, turn-key communications campaigns to discrete influence-oriented outreach to educational projects.

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