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Storytelling Firm

Reshaping the business and nonprofit sectors around the Tar Heel State.


CampSight Strategies helps clients tell their unique stories by strategically deploying media management tactics as well as creating video content that gives voice to their individual causes. Under the leadership of Emmy-winning journalist Jon Camp, CampSight Strategies helps clients have their voices heard – clearly, compellingly and consistently. 

Strategic Services

Managing the media is a key component to making sure you’re getting the right story out there. Whether you want your story in the news or out of it, CampSight can help you make it happen. With strong North Carolina roots, CampSight is known for having an uncanny ability to get the media’s attention and moving the needle for our clients. With more than 40 years experience in television news, our team has the experience, judgement and skills to help a wide array of clients navigate the often rough waters of public opinion.

When it comes down to it, we’re problem solvers. Our clients are a robust mix of non-profits, government agencies, lawyers, companies and causes. We like to sleep well so we work with clients who have heart and, together, we give meaning to the old adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” If you want to start making the media work better for your organization, reach out! Start by saying hi below!

Video Storytelling

There’s no more effective way to tell your story than through video. From digital shorts that can enhance social media posts to longer videos that can move viewers in myriad ways to extended-form training videos for educational settings, CampSight’s award winning team will deconstruct the narrative and rebuild it in new compelling and creative ways that will add value to any campaign.

CampSight has worked with dozens of clients to help them identify their very best stories and bring them to life in a wide array of video settings. We can accommodate tele-prompter needs and other video peripheries but our strength is in helping pull stories out of our clients, which always takes an individualized approach. If you want our Emmy-winning team to help tell your organization’s story, reach out below!

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