Strategic Consulting

Helping people communicate better is at the very core of CampSight’s mission. We truly believe that if people would talk – and listen – to each other more, the world would be a better place. As we increasingly cocoon ourselves in comforting cable news and walk with our heads bent to our phones for the latest updates, texts and tweets, we’re becoming removed from ourselves and our communities. At CampSight, we want to turn this around. We want to help companies, causes and candidates better use communication to achieve their goals.

What We Do

We are problem solvers. We make things happen by getting the right stories in front of the right people and telling them in creative, compelling ways. We leverage deep relationships in the Triangle and around the state in media, politics and business to move needles and mountains for our clients (as needed).

Social Media

We help candidates and campaigns understand the shifting social media landscape. We know what spaces people are playing in right now and how to develop effective social media strategies based on that. We know what drives social media moments (when and why things go viral), how to maximize key messaging tools like Facebook Live, and how to use social media to get stories into the mainstream media.

Interview Prep

We train storytellers on fundamental interview “dos” and “don’ts.” We’ll do on-topic, interview dry-runs, then put them on camera while an Emmy-winning investigative reporter pelts them with questions designed to rattle and see how they do. We play it back in real time and talk through what worked, what didn’t and how they can do even better when it counts.

Digital Content Creation

Well-composed video and story-arcs forge an emotional connection, making people feel like they know you so they’re comfortable putting their future in your hands.  An effective profile video must include candid insights into what makes you unique – from both a personal and professional point of view. Two of my ninja strengths (if you will) are helping people extract their very best stories and telling them in compelling, creative ways.



(“Proof of Performance Spots”)

These days, all you need is a decent phone and a few hours to share your team’s successes in all their high-def glory. We have a step-by-step program showing storytellers exactly how to use their phones to capture media moments and then turn those into movie magic. From the best apps to use to telling a compelling story in about a minute, we break down best practices for telling your own story as it happens.

Storyteller Training

We’ll come in and make sure your key communicators are on-point, talking in a unified voice and delivering messages that will move the needle of public opinion or public policy. If they’re talking about your cause out in public, it’s worth paying attention to what they’re saying and working to make them as effective as possible.


Earned Media Strategy & Analysis

Most people (and perhaps young candidates) don’t even know what earned media is. We can help you understand what it is, how to use it and how to make sure you’re not paying too much for it. We can teach you everything from the basics to the tools you can use to develop advanced strategies on larger “buys.”

Integrated Marketing

If you’re not also pushing direct mail out on digital channels, you’re using an old playbook. CampSight will show you how to get your direct mail to people’s phones, tablets and computers and all the digital analytics that show you it’s working – for free!


Pitching Stories to Today’s Newsroom

Even the most seasoned reporters from just five years ago are ill-equipped to advise on how to talk to the media today. At CampSight, we’re closer to the news than any of our competitors. We have our finger squarely on the pulse, with deep connections inside newsrooms throughout the Triangle. In short, with contemporary insights and deep relationships, we’ve got the special sauce for tapping into mainstream megaphones.

Public Speaking

Whether answering a reporter’s questions, talking to a room of supporters, or making an appeal to board members or donors, there’s more to it than most people are ready for. CampSight can help storytellers become better at their job; speaking in soundbites, knowing what not to wear and where to look, how to stay on message, how to create media moments, what to do with off-topic questions, how to get out of an interview quickly, how to hold a room full of antsy supporters… we’ll make sure your storytellers are up to the task.


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