One of our core competencies is getting to the bottom of things. Both founding partners at CampSight have deep investigative experience. Jon Camp spent years leading investigative units for local news stations. Matt Duffy has been the primary digger for hundreds of Congressional, state and local campaigns. If you to get information, no one is better equipped than the team at CampSight.

Opposition Research

Always know exactly who you’re up against and who’s behind it. Good opposition research is a critical part of any serious political, cause-oriented or marketing campaign.

Defensive Research

You’ve also got to know what your competition is going to find out about you. It’s the only way to mount a successful counter-strategy.

Coverage Portfolio

It’s always a good idea to track yourself. You should know if, when and where your organization shows up in the media, who’s talking & what they’re saying. We’ll be your eyes and ears so you can go on doing what it is you do best.


Issue and Policy Analysis

Whether you’re a candidate, a cause or a company, odds are there are issues being discussed at the state and local levels that could turn life upside down. Our policy analysis papers will track issues and inform key stakeholders as policies unfold.

Vetting of Key Stakeholders

Whether you’re going into a negotiation, kicking off a new campaign or trying to get a bead on your competition, you need to know the players so you can figure the angles. We’ll get you up to speed quickly on who’s sitting across the table.


Open Records & FOIA Requests

Public records requests are only as good as they’re written. At CampSight, we’ve filed thousands of FOIAs and open records requests and have refined the process to an art. We’ll help you get the records you want, while it’s still helpful to your cause.

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