Whether it’s a six second attention-grabber video on Twitter, a minute long explainer video on your website or an hour long documentary on YouTube, there is no better way to share your story with customers, constituents and colleagues than video. All available data confirms that video grabs people’s (increasingly scattered) attention far more than any other kind of messaging.

CampSight’s experience in telling stories with video goes back decades. Founding partner Jon Camp has won multiple Emmy’s and other awards for capturing audiences with video. Let CampSight help you find your very best stories and tell them in new, creative, compelling, effective ways.

why video matters

Well composed videos can forge emotional bonds with viewers unlike anything else. They can plant seeds of compassion and inspiration, creating ripple effects that can change the world. But pictures and images aren’t enough by themselves; they have to be woven into the tapestry of a well-told story. And that takes work. But good stories are worth it. Good stories win hearts and minds.


A good story is at the heart of every winning campaign. But a lot of groups have a hard time even knowing what their best stories are. CampSight helps groups find and tell the stories that will help them accomplish their goals.
Not every story is right for every platform. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube – they all need a different length and style of video and each one needs to tell it’s own story.
CampSight can teach your team how to tell well-composed stories or we can do it for you. It’s easy to do. It takes a guide to know how to do it well.
Let us be your storytelling sherpa.

how to make a movie on your phone…        FOR FREE!!

These days, everything you need to make a movie (a damn good movie, too) is in your pocket. Seriously. Check this video out. I made it on my i-Phone in an afternoon for a political campaign a few months ago. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have. We can show you how to make a high quality video on your phone for free.

best practices

Like with anything, when you’re shooting and editing video, there are ways to save yourself time, headaches and re-dos. 

CampSight has you covered. We’ve been telling stories through video for more than two decades. We’ve been editing on “non-linear” (aka – everything in use today) for just as long. We can help you avoid the pitfalls and teach you the tricks of the trade to make your shooting and editing smooth and successful.

optimizing video for social media

Did you know that what ‘works’ on Facebook doesn’t ‘work’ on Twitter? Did you know that if you’re going to post to Instagram, you should post in a square video format? Do you know how to make a video square?

CampSight has the lowdown on everything you’ll need to know to make your videos sing on the major platforms. How long they should be; what they should look like; when to use text; when to use music – these are questions that need to be answered if you video is going to have an impact.

Otherwise, you’re just throwing spagetti on a wall. 

Editing techniques

In TV news, the edit bay is where the magic happens. That’s no joke. Good editing can make crappy video look great. Bad editing can make the best footage look like crap. 

These days, we all have access to incredible editing tools. But depending on your phone, computer or device, you need to know what to use and how to use it. 

CampSight has the answers.

other ways to use video and pictures

Content dies when it stops being used. If you’ve got pictures or video from past events, speeches, openings, campaigns, etc, odds are you can use it again. There are great ways to repurpose content you’ve already got in your files. CampSight can audit what you have and find new, creative ways to make it pop again! 

little things that matter

A well told story will stand on it’s own every time but it can always be made better. How? Try some music. Try a few editing tricks like color correction and transition elements.
Most of the editing apps available today enable myriad small bells and whistles that can make a huge difference in the end product. We’ll steer you to the best of breed for all of these little things that matter.

explainer Videos

“Explainer” videos have become a must for many companies looking to showcase their good work and separate themselves from their competition. Well-composed video and story-arcs forge an emotional connection, making people feel like they know you so they’re comfortable putting their future in your hands.
An effective profile video must include candid insights into what makes you unique – from both a personal and professional point of view. They should be creative, compelling and fairly short. Take a look at these different styles of “explainer” videos and see what style might work best for your operation!

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