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NC Governor's Institute

CampSight spearheads the “Words to LIVE By” Campaign for the Governor’s Institute aimed at helping cut down on the amount of veteran suicides in North Carolina.


Day in the Life Videos

CampSight is your go-to organization for all your media and videography needs. We have helped with several multi-million-dollar cases over the last two years since we founded CampSight and we would love to help your firm secure the highest potential awards for your clients as possible.


Allison Dahle - NC House District 11

CampSight Strategies was the communications lead on Allison Dahle’s initially unlikely victory in a Democratic primary for the state legislature (NC11 – Wake Co.). We helped her go from a virtual unknown to a winner – by 44%!!! Dahle is currently helping shape policy as a state Representative.


North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA)

CampSight has done extensive work with various healthcare operations around North Carolina. One of the most exciting projects we worked on highlights creative forms of value based care that are saving money and lives in the Tar Heel State. 



We all know someone who is aging and needs an advocate. And, with any luck, we too will need an advocate in our old age. That’s AARP. Our micro-campaigns for this advocacy group include one to help people save money, another to promote a bill making 401-Ks accessible to more people and another to give broader authority to qualified nurses in North Carolina, who can be hamstrung by old and antiquated laws.


AmeriHealth: Healthy Hoops

CampSight worked with the insurance company AmeriHealth Caritas to generate excitement and media attention around three “Healthy Hoops” events across North Carolina.


Keynotes & Comms Training

Whether through it’s podcast, E-book or training seminars, CampSight is committed to helping everyone become better communicators. Contact CampSight founder Jon Camp to book him or his partner Matt Duffy for training or keynote availability.

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