Healthcare, Public Relations

North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA)

CampSight has done extensive work with various healthcare operations around North Carolina. One of the most exciting projects we worked on highlights creative forms of value based care that are saving money and lives in the Tar Heel State. 

Vidant Healthcare

Vidant is partnering with large employers around Greenville, offering employees access to community healthcare facilities where any number of smaller ailments can be treated. This both cuts down on sick days and time taken off work AND improves health outcomes as well as employee moral. 


Johnston Health

Johnston Health is having great success reducing costs and improving outcomes with a creative approach to helping COPD patients after they leave the hospital. It’s fairly simple idea: stay in touch with them and help where possible. And it’s working. 


FirstHealth is leading the effort to cut down on readmissions. It’s a simple plan: identify people who are likely to fall through the cracks after they’re discharged and engage them early. This has dramatically reduced readmissions, cutting down on costs and improving health outcomes (aka. Value Based Care).


Cone Health

Cone Health in Greensboro is piloting an innovative new program that helps diabetics get a better hold on their condition. Ultimately, they predict it will drive down costs and improve health outcomes and early reviews show it’s working!